VJP – Birthday Special 2017

VJP – Birthday Special 2017



The 25th Birthday

Is the first one I’m sharing with you folks.

As a special treat for my 25th, I met with two of my oldest and closest friends and we talked about the past, turning a quarter century and our up-coming future.

Duration: 26:47 min

VJP 14

VJP14 – Bucket List: Bruce Timm



Welcome to the Timmverse

Bruce Timm is a character designer and producer and, along with Paul Dini, most memorable for contributing strongly to the Batman Animation Franchise.

His iconic style and interesting approach to the ‘Good Ol’ Batman’ left quite an impact on a lotta kids of my generation – myself included. ;P

Duration: 09:13 min

There's some confusion if Timm's Birthday is the 5th or 8th of February. As more sources tend towards the 8th, I went with that date.


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Diploma Stress Break

Had somewhat of a panic breakdown and had to soley focus on the diploma, last week. So the next episode is schedule to the end of MAY ’17.

I might be able to post some extra episode to make up for the lost April episode –

Or maybe not, since I soon have to write applications to get a (paying) job. I will still try to keep up my schedule, only keep in mind the road will be rocky as I soon start into an unkown future.

Still grateful for you listening.


VJP 13

VJP13 – Bucket List: Paul Dini



The Other Voice of The Joker

Paul Dini is a writer and producer, mostly working for Animation and Comics and is THE writer for the Joker. Some people might remember his name from the Batman: The Animated Series franchise or the Batman: Arkham video game series.

Hear me tell the tale on how I first encountered the Dini Joker and what makes him so special.

Duration: 14:35 min

Ultimate Spiderman and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., both ended in 2015. Sorry I missed that...


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VJP – Soundreel 2016

VJP – Soundreel 2016



Soundreel 2016

Once again, a bit for myself and a bit for you folks, I put a little “soundreel” together to give you an idea of what’s going on on this site.

So if you’re new to the Vienna Jetschko Podcast – start here! 🙂

Duration: 06:01 min

PostRec.: Also, a huge thanks to Shia, of course, the voice of Mrs. Burbank!

VJP 12

VJP12 – Bucket List: Gosho Aoyama



The Inventor of Conan Edogawa

I just can’t go without a nod towards the man, who not only served my urge to solve mysteries, but also has left me baffled as a wanna-be writer until this very day.

Gosho Aoyama is a mangaka (comic artist) mostly known for creating the two manga series revolving Conan Edogawa, child detective, and Kaito Kid, gentlemen thief and magician. Most people probably know the characters from the Anime series “Case Closed”.

Duration: 11:47 min


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VJP 11

VJP11 – The Horrors of Vienna



A Very Late Halloween Episode

Yes, I had a Halloween Episode prepared – sort of… But because of reasons already mentioned in Episode 10 I couldn’t get around editing the episode. With a little help from my friend, we finally managed to do it.

So enjoy this episode and learn about 7 different ways of avoiding stress, and people, while using the Viennese Subway System.

Duration: 14:25 min

Horror Shows mentioned on the episode: Earbud Theater and Campfire Radio Theater's Rites of Autumn.


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VJP 10

VJP10 – Christmas Special 2016



The Christkind

At least I managed to do one holiday piece on time. 😀

This time I will tell you about some unique things about Austrian Christmas Traditions. And a bit about why I couldn’t do episodes for October and November. Hope you have fun and some happy holidays!

Luxus - luxury, indulgence 😉

Duration: 12:33 min


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Still going on – but struggling…

Still going on – but struggling…

Because I completely overscaled the written part of my diploma, and the final year in studying Multimedia Art is demanding in itself, I’m somewhat struggling with putting episodes out. You might have noticed…

There is going to be a December Episode and it’s in editing, but I might not make it until the end of the month.

Bare with me. I might have worked something out to make 2017 run smoother; mostly by following my own advice and getting help with editing.

We’ll see how that works out.

If we don’t hear from each other again before Christmas. Happy holidays to everyone! 🙂

VJP 09

VJP09 – Bucket List Ralf König



Ralf König

This time Ralf König is featured on the Bucket List. He’s an author and cartoonist. And has create such works like “Killer Condom” and “The Most Desired Man”. His funny and clever way of mocking hetero- and homosexual society put me a great bit forward in understanding human relationships and tolerance.

Warning! German language ahead! 😉

Duration: 11:50 min


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