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Two new Series!

One following the audio dairy of a young woman dealing with work stress and the strange lack of dreams stripping her sleep of its recreational qualities.

The other being non-fiction and a shoutout to all the people I want to thank for their impact or work, before I or they die – thus called Bucket List. So on this episode’s display you will hear why Whoopi Goldberg is awesome – for me. 😉

Another little atmosphere crept into the epsiode after I record the intro and tells you that spring is finally coming!

And finally a short Audio Drama (illustrated text) about a man seriously troubled by a feline stowaway and being lost at sea. Sorry, for the accent, but I just love the way it sounds so I have to amateurishly imitated it. 😀

Duration: 24:01 min


Dead Days 1+2 – 00:00
Intro – 07:02
Atmosphere – 10:40
Bucket List – Whoopi Goldberg – 11:42
High Sea – 18:57


bird-singing by ifartinurgeneraldirection // CC BY 3.0
wind-howling by benboncan // CC BY 3.0
Own recording of footsteps in snow

Bucket List – Whoopi Goldberg:
metal-bucket-hit-and-fall by ingolyrio // CC BY 3.0

High Sea:
waves2 by noisecollector // CC BY 3.0
waves-hit-shore-barcelona by dio_333 // CC BY 3.0
rushing-water-wind-rec-samsung-hmx-f80-camcorder by toam // CC BY 3.0
stormy-wind by toivo161 // CC BY 3.0
wood-creak-03 by dheming // CC BY 3.0
wood-chair-creaking by bmcken // CC BY 3.0
domestic-cat-purr by ch0cchi // CC BY 3.0
guillottine-test-02 by glaneur-de-sons // CC BY 3.0
blade-big by jasonelrod // CC BY 3.0
squeak by spiehler // CC BY 3.0
20091122-rabbit-carrot by dobroide // CC BY 3.0
snail-munching by reinsamba // CC BY 3.0
And own recordings

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