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Novelties, over Novelties!

I’ve been very busy, so this didn’t get out on Audio Drama Day. Or Halloween. Or even October…
But I included a spooky atmosphere anyway.

The character from Dead Days is still haunted by her dreams; and it gets worse. Hear her complain about sewer smell and Doctors.

This time’s Bucket List features a couple from my childhood, who had a great influence on my conscience and moral compass, although they were part of this devilish television thingy. I guess, you probably know them too. Maybe not by name…

And finally, the Association from Episode 2 gets continued with the help of Guest-Star Shia. This time around the female invesigator and her silent partner come to face Mrs. Boo- Burbank and ask her some questions.
Hear Part 2 in VJP06.

Duration: 23:51 min


Intro – 00:00
Atmosphere – 02:16
Dead Days 4 – 02:59
The Association – Mrs. Burbank Part 1 – 9:30
Bucket List – Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere – 13:26
Outro – 22:59


grzmot-3 by kwazi // CC BY 3.0
squeeky by oldguy67 // CC0 1.0
crow by inchadney // CC BY 3.0

The Association – Mrs. Burbank Part 1:
clockticks by daveincamas // CC BY 3.0
couch-rustle-113011 by sagetyrtle // CC0 1.0
leather-couch-foley by mentalsanityoff // CC0 1.0
toss-book-on-bed-throw-set-down-land-pick-up-01 by cmorris035 // CC0 1.0
creaky-chair by ryancacophony // CC0 1.0
chair-creaking-back-and-forth-01 by unkleceeg // CC0 1.0
wood-creak-1, wood-creak-8 and wood-creak-10 by rage91 // CC BY 3.0

See Episode 2 for the sounds used at the beginning.

Bucket List:
metal-bucket-hit-and-fall by ingolyrio / CC BY 3.0

Plus quotes from the show “Recess” (1997-2001)

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