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VJP09 – Bucket List Ralf König



Ralf König

This time Ralf König is featured on the Bucket List. He’s an author and cartoonist. And has create such works like “Killer Condom” and “The Most Desired Man”. His funny and clever way of mocking hetero- and homosexual society put me a great bit forward in understanding human relationships and tolerance.

Warning! German language ahead! 😉

Duration: 11:50 min


metal-bucket-hit-and-fall by ingolyrio // CC BY 3.0
outtake-beep-1k by slappy13 // CC0 1.0

Tape Eater by Pietnastka // CC BY-NC 3.0 US
Traditional Eastern instrument Macedonian Tambura – improvisation played by Boris Todorovic by Tomlija // CC BY 3.0

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