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VJP12 – Bucket List: Gosho Aoyama



The Inventor of Conan Edogawa

I just can’t go without a nod towards the man, who not only served my urge to solve mysteries, but also has left me baffled as a wanna-be writer until this very day.

Gosho Aoyama is a mangaka (comic artist) mostly known for creating the two manga series revolving Conan Edogawa, child detective, and Kaito Kid, gentlemen thief and magician. Most people probably know the characters from the Anime series “Case Closed”.

Duration: 11:47 min


metal-bucket-hit-and-fall by ingolyrio // CC BY 3.0
Own sobbing. 🙂

Tape Eater by Pietnastka // CC BY-NC 3.0 US
Traditional Eastern instrument Macedonian Tambura – improvisation played by Boris Todorovic by Tomlija // CC BY 3.0

Special Thanks to demondevilmon for helping out with editing – once again!

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