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VJP14 – Bucket List: Bruce Timm



Welcome to the Timmverse

Bruce Timm is a character designer and producer and, along with Paul Dini, most memorable for contributing strongly to the Batman Animation Franchise.

His iconic style and interesting approach to the ‘Good Ol’ Batman’ left quite an impact on a lotta kids of my generation – myself included. ;P

Duration: 09:13 min

There's some confusion if Timm's Birthday is the 5th or 8th of February. As more sources tend towards the 8th, I went with that date.


metal-bucket-hit-and-fall by ingolyrio // CC BY 3.0

Tape Eater by Pietnastka // CC BY-NC 3.0 US
Traditional Eastern instrument Macedonian Tambura – improvisation played by Boris Todorovic by Tomlija // CC BY 3.0

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