On my Bucket List I thank all the people who have inspired me in my life and are just too far away to tell in person.

VJP 14


VJP14 – Bucket List: Bruce Timm


Welcome to the Timmverse

Bruce Timm is a character designer and producer and, along with Paul Dini, most memorable for contributing strongly to the Batman Animation...Read More »

VJP 13


VJP13 – Bucket List: Paul Dini


The Other Voice of The Joker

Paul Dini is a writer and producer, mostly working for Animation and Comics and is THE writer for the Joker. Some people might remember his name from...Read More »

VJP 12


VJP12 – Bucket List: Gosho Aoyama


The Inventor of Conan Edogawa

I just can’t go without a nod towards the man, who not only served my urge to solve mysteries, but also has left me baffled as a wanna-be...Read More »

VJP 09


VJP09 – Bucket List Ralf König


Ralf König

This time Ralf König is featured on the Bucket List. He’s an author and cartoonist. And has create such works like “Killer Condom” and “The Most Desired Man”. His funny and...Read More »

VJP 07

VJP07 – Bucket List Fil Barlow


Fil Barlow

Fil Barlow is subject of this Bucket List Entry. He’s a comic artist and creature designer. And probably well known to most of you 90s children through his designs for several...Read More »