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VJP 14

/ May 29, 2017

VJP14 – Bucket List: Bruce Timm Download Welcome to the Timmverse Bruce Timm is a character designer and producer and, along with Paul Dini, most memorable for contributing strongly to

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VJP 13

/ March 20, 2017

VJP13 – Bucket List: Paul Dini Download The Other Voice of The Joker Paul Dini is a writer and producer, mostly working for Animation and Comics and is THE writer

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VJP 12

/ January 31, 2017

VJP12 – Bucket List: Gosho Aoyama Download The Inventor of Conan Edogawa I just can’t go without a nod towards the man, who not only served my urge to solve

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VJP 09

/ September 30, 2016

VJP09 – Bucket List Ralf König Download Ralf König This time Ralf König is featured on the Bucket List. He’s an author and cartoonist. And has create such works like

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VJP 07

/ July 21, 2016

VJP07 – Bucket List Fil Barlow Download Fil Barlow Fil Barlow is subject of this Bucket List Entry. He’s a comic artist and creature designer. And probably well known to

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VJP 05

/ November 3, 2015

VJP05 Download Novelties, over Novelties! I’ve been very busy, so this didn’t get out on Audio Drama Day. Or Halloween. Or even October… But I included a spooky atmosphere anyway.

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VJP 04

/ August 5, 2015

VJP04 Download Technical Difficulties…! On this episode you will hear me question Dan Aykroyd’s motivs on why he starres in certain movies, speaking poor French, and my reasons for going

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VJP 03

/ May 27, 2015

VJP03 Download Two new Series! One following the audio dairy of a young woman dealing with work stress and the strange lack of dreams stripping her sleep of its recreational

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