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VJP 14

/ May 29, 2017

VJP14 – Bucket List: Bruce Timm Download Welcome to the Timmverse Bruce Timm is a character designer and producer and, along with Paul Dini, most memorable for contributing strongly to

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VJP 13

/ March 20, 2017

VJP13 – Bucket List: Paul Dini Download The Other Voice of The Joker Paul Dini is a writer and producer, mostly working for Animation and Comics and is THE writer

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VJP 12

/ January 31, 2017

VJP12 – Bucket List: Gosho Aoyama Download The Inventor of Conan Edogawa I just can’t go without a nod towards the man, who not only served my urge to solve

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VJP 11

/ December 31, 2016

VJP11 – The Horrors of Vienna Download A Very Late Halloween Episode Yes, I had a Halloween Episode prepared – sort of… But because of reasons already mentioned in Episode

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VJP 10

/ December 21, 2016

VJP10 – Christmas Special 2016 Download The Christkind At least I managed to do one holiday piece on time. 😀 This time I will tell you about some unique things

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VJP 09

/ September 30, 2016

VJP09 – Bucket List Ralf König Download Ralf König This time Ralf König is featured on the Bucket List. He’s an author and cartoonist. And has create such works like

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VJP 07

/ July 21, 2016

VJP07 – Bucket List Fil Barlow Download Fil Barlow Fil Barlow is subject of this Bucket List Entry. He’s a comic artist and creature designer. And probably well known to

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VJP 06

/ February 29, 2016

VJP06 Download Rolling Up 2015 In this – much delayed – episode Mrs. Burbank finally tells us what happend to her husband, the nameless girl behind the mic still suffers

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